2 Residential Buildings on the “Qemal Stafa” Street, (ex communal parking lot)

Our company has a building permit Nr.26/1, on 06.02.2007; with verdict Nr.273 on 24.11.06 from the CTR (Council of Territory Regulation) Tirane, for the built of two 6, 8, 9- storey Buildings with 2- storey Basement, 1.500m2 Commercial Surface , 3.200 m2 of basementsand 8.800 m2 Apartments.

For a total construction area of 13,500 m2.A relaxing green surface of about 1,000m2 has been planed to be built between the two buildings, with tall decorative trees, benches and a playground for children.

  • Duration of works: January 2007 – September 2010
  • Total Value of Investment : 6,500,000 €