Staff and board members

Dipl. Eng. Teodor Çuçi

Graduated with a degree in Civil Engineeringon July 1988 after the full completion of studies at the University of Tirana. From December 1988 until June 1992 he has worked at the “State Constuction Enterprise” NNI – in the city of Fier.On the 4 of July 1992 he created the “Colombo” construction company-Fier in which he was the Administrator and Technical Director until the 31 of December 1997. During this period the company Colombo L.t.d  Fier was establishted as one of the leader construction companies in the country with 6,000,000 Dollar USDworth of investments in Fier, Patos, Ballsh, Vlorë, Sarandë e Tiranë. Most of the investments by Colombo l.t.d  Fier during this period wereresidential buildings, schools and kindergardens, waterpipelines, drainage pipeline works and rural infrastucture projects .From the 6 of January 1998 until today  Eng. Teodor Çuçi is the Administrator and Technical Director of  “Colombo II” l.t.d Tiranë.

Dipl. Eng.Faik Kohila

Graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering on July 1983 after the full completion of studies at the University of Tirana.From july 1983 until August 1992 he has worked at the “State Constuction Enterprise” NNI – in the city of Fieras director of the Mechanical Branch, later as Enterprise vice director and at last at General Director of NNI.

From August 1993 until the 31 of December1997 he was the vice director of  “Colombo” sh.p.k. Fier. Un July 2002 he established “Ital col” l.t.d.  Tiranë with the position of Administrator and Menaging Partner.“Ital col” l.t.d.Tiranë is one the leading companies in the production of dry mortar and plastering materials. From January 1998 until today Eng. Faik Kohila is anManaging partner at “Colombo II” l.t.d - Tiranë.

Dipl. Eng.Lavdosh Celibashi

Graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering on September 1977 after the full completion of studies at the University of Tirana. From the year 1976 until 1991 has worked at the Fier Municipality as head of the civil works department. Then from the year 1991 until 1994 Eng. Lavdosh Celibashi held the position of  Director of  urbanization department at the Municipality of Fier. On year 1994 he established the construction company“Harmonia” l.t.d -Fier as Administrator and technical Director untilDecember 31 2002. From December 2002 until today he has completed a series of residential builing projects in the city of Tiranewith the company “Harmonia2” L.t.d.  As  of  today  Eng. Lavdosh Celibashi is a board member of “Colombo2” L.t.d

Dipl. Arch. Andi Korita

Graduated on July 2008 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Tirana. To date Arch. Andi Korita has designed various types of  residential and riconstruction projects. He has been recommended by our clients for the quality and timely delivery of his work.                      Arch. Andi Korita  has closely supervised and surveyed many of the projects constructed by  “Colombo 2” l.t.d from the year 2008.

Ardit Celibashi

Graduated with a bachelor’s degreein “Finance” from ManchesterCollege, USA on July 2004. During the period 2004-2008 has followed courses and lectures at Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Univeriosty of Rome “La Sapienza” – Italy.  From the year 2008 until 2010 Ardit Celibashi has worked as an accountant at the  “Harmonia2” l.t.d. where he gained a broad experience about the construction accounting and financial management. During this period he also worked on site and closely followed all construction phases and working practices.

From the year 2010 until today he works at the financial department  of “Colombo2” l.t.d

Dipl. Arch. Andi Kohila

Arch. Andi Kohila is graduated in 2014 for the Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design at the University "POLIS" in Tirana. During the student period 2010 - 2014, he was practiced in several companies and architecture studios. His experience in the studio "Space-architectur stadtplanung design" has helped him to acquire different knowledge, relationship with client, use of different architectural software, field project implementation, and so on. Another experience has been the field-tracking of the complex of villas that has been built by Colombo 2 Ltd in the Commune of Farkes.

Also in the company "Ital Col" Ahmetaq Fushe Preze, he has helped in the design of the logo and showroom in which is exposed the building materials produced in this factory.

Dipl. Eng.Zef Lazri

Graduated at the University of Tirana in “Industrial Electrical Engineering” on the year 1980.

From the year 1980 until 1988 he has worked as an Electrical Engineer at the “State Constuction Enterprise” NNI – in the city of Fier. Afterwards Eng. Zef Lazri held the position of Director of the “State Tabacco Factory” of the city of ne Shkoderuntil the year 1994. From 1994 until 2003 he worked as an Electrical Engineer with “Colombo 2” L.t.d - Tirane.

From the year 2004 until  2008 he was the technical director  of ”Ital-Col” l.t.d.  And then from 2008 until today he works with “Colombo 2” l.t.d.

Dipl. Eng.Dardan Voji

Graduated from the Polytechnic Univeristy of  Tiranain Civil Engineering on July 2010.

After graduation he has worked with integrity and reliability in all projects assigned to him by “Colombo2” L.t.d

Garantina Mane

Holds a High School diploma from the Middle Technical Economy School of Fier – Albania.

From August 1970 until April 1980 she worked as a warehouse manager at the “Electrical Company TEC” in FIER.  Afterwards, from  April 1980 until July 2002 she worked as an Assistant Accountantthe Electrical CompanyTEC Fier.  Since May 2003 until now the works as an Assistant Accountant at “Colombo2” L.t.d - Tirane.

Merko Allushi

Holds a High School diploma from the Middle Technical Economy School of Saranda.  From the year 1970 until 1978 he worked at the “Oil Extraction and Rafinery of Patos”.  During the period 1978 until 1982 he held the position of Revisor at the General Directorate of the “Electrical Company TEC” in FIER.  From the year 1982 until 1992 he worked as an internal inspector at the Municipality of Fier. He has worked with “Colombo”l.t.d - Fier from it’s establishment in 1992 untin 2004 and has been working with “Colombo2” l.t.d eversince.

Arjan Kambo

Has graduated as an Engineer Corps from the “State Military Accademy”

From 1983 until August 1984  he has worked at the “State Constuction Enterprise” NNI – in the city of Fier. From the yeat 1988 until 2005 he worked as an officer at the Ministry of Defence with the grade of  Captain. From September 2007 he works as a managerfor constructionprovisionsat "Colombo 2" l.t.d.