About Us

Our values are:

To be able to build the best possible, while doing so fulfilling the ever great demands of our clients and also improve the urban environment.

Our Mission

“COLOMBO II” L.t.d. was established on 08.06.1996 with court order nr: 15291 of  Tirana  Local  Court, company   administrators are Mr. Teodor Cuci and Mr. Faik Kohila. The company’s executive director  is Ing. Teodor Cuci.

Since its founding in 1996, “COLOMBO II” L.t.d. is established in the market of the construction industry as one of the 100 most competitive and professional companies in Albania.At its beginnings in just 5 years of operations the company realized projects worth 6 million USD in the city of Fier alone.  In other cities such as Vlora, Mallakastra and Tirana our disciplines include: earthwork, water supply, residential construction, renovation and other related construction services.Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our excellence in workmanship and project design have  established us as one of the leading real estate developers in the city of Tirana.“Colombo II” l.t.d. has established a high profile in the Building industryand is a worthycompetitor  in the field of Residential and commercial construction, but also in design and architecture.We as Builders at the same time have considered ourselves partners with all those interested in having a better and modern Albania.

In recent times “COLOMBO II” L.t.d. has designed, invested and built   approximately 100.000m2 of residential buildings in the city of Tirana which translates in 16 residential builings , 3 residential building complexes and many luxury residence villas.